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Trying to Debunk myths about Dentists in Dubai

A visit to the dentist is a scary prospect.

Well, so is dental pain. More so, ignorance.

Meet your dentist every 6 months. We want to be your friend.

Oh, and please don’t tell us ” I hate dentists ” when you meet us. Honesty, it’s the most annoying thing we hear.

I want to get all my dental treatment done by the best dentist in the shortest amount of time by paying as less as possible.

Always remember,

Good and cheap won’t be fast

Fast and good won’t be cheap

Cheap and fast won’t be good

Give your dentist the time to explain the treatment to you. Give him/her the time to complete said treatments.

And please don’t haggle. We’d rather not do the treatment than haggle.

The dentist or clinic will try their best to give you a discount or a special price to the maximum extent possible. Trust me, they will.

I have medical insurance. I don’t need dental insurance.

Having a safety net for your dental needs is an absolutely smart thing to do.

 Dental issues present themselves in clumps. You might not have had any dental issues till your mid 30s, but suddenly problems in your mouth start cropping up. This is a result of callousness and infrequent visits to the dentist.

We advise bi-annual dental checkups to detect problems which might be minor and easier to resolve as opposed to trying to solve the dental issue once it has worsened.

I have also met people who don’t know what their insurance entitles them to. It is important that you find out from your insurance provider what are your benefits and use them for your benefit.

Dental treatment is very expensive in the Dubai

Dental treatment is not expensive. Neglect is.

The cost of dental treatment is directly linked to the standard of living and care in the United Arab Emirates.

A person in okay to draw 3-5 times the salary that they would be earning in their home country but yet expect dental treatment cost to be equal to or, in some cases, even lesser than their home country. That’s not fair now, is it ?

Nonetheless, there is a spectrum of clinics in the UAE catering to every kind of financial bracket.

The cost of any dental treatment at any clinic is dictated by primarily 2 factors – quality of the dental materials used and the expertise of the treating clinician – and various minor factors.

 It is, therefore, imperative that you choose a clinic/ dentist which suits your price bracket and yet does not compromise on quality dental treatment.

We, at Good Living Medical Centre, promise you the service of experienced clinicians at affordable prices.

Marketing may not be our strong suit. Honesty is

Author: Dr Himashu Jataniya

Dr. Himanshu Jatania, based in Dubai is a qualified Specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon specializing in Implant Dentistry. He graduated in 2008 from Dr. DY Patil Dental College & Hospital, Pune and went on to do his masters in OMFS from the reputed SDM College of Dental Sciences. After finishing his masters in 2012, Dr. Himanshu practiced at Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences for 2 years, following which he worked in Southern Africa and headed the Department of Oral Surgery under the Ministry of Health. He has extensive experience in Implants, Oral surgery, Oral pathology, Trauma and Head & Neck infections. A member of international organizations such as AO and AOMSI – Dr. Himanshu is a young and enthusiastic practitioner with a keen eye for observation and a passionate interest in recent advances in the field of dentistry.

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